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Default Re: x86_64-1.0-9746 freezes OpenSuse 10.2


thanks for all the hints. I already read the posts you mentioned, but they didn't really help me out here. I agree with you dougmc, we seem to have the same problem. I do have problems using a 2.6.17 kernel , cause ther's only a (the default kernel coming with the distribution) available in the moment.

I played a little with building the nvidia.ko from sources. Just by doing a

make module
make install

I got a nvidia.ko loading normaly with modprobe! The module didn't really work with sax2, but the system didn't crash anymore. So for me this is a hint that something's going wrong when building the module via nvidia-script!? As far as I now it's a must that modules load normaly with modprobe before using them. I'm quite shure that something is buggy here.

Unfortunatly I wasn't able to generate any nvidia-bug-report.log file, cause the system crashes realy hard. But I'll do some other tries to receive one!?

If I had found a description howto build the complete modules manually I would do so, trying to get more detailed information where the problemis really located!?

Maybe dougmc's reports help the nvidia programmers to help us both!

Thanks a lot for further help

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