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Default Re: Post your Blu-ray discs here

Current list as of 03/05/2007 (64 total)

New additions listed in blue.

Aeon Flux (MPEG-2)
Alien versus Predator (MPEG-2@18mbps)
American Psycho (MPEG-2)
Babel (MPEG-2)
Behind Enemy Lines (AVC@18mbps)
Black Hawk Down (MPEG-2)
Broken Arrow (MPEG-2@21mpbs)
Bulletproof Monk (MPEG-2@20mpbs)
The Covenant (MPEG-2)
The Departed (VC-1)
The Descent (AVC)
Dinosaur (MPEG-2)
Employee of the Month (AVC)
Enemy of the State (MPEG-2)
Fantastic 4 (MPEG-2@18mpbs)
The Fifth Element (MPEG-2)
First Blood (AVC)
Flightplan (VC-1)
Fly Boys (MPEG-2@24mbps)
Gone in 60 Seconds (AVC)
The Great Raid (AVC)
The Gridiron Gang (MPEG-2)
The Guardian (AVC)
The Haunted Mansion (MPEG-2)
House of Flying Daggers (MPEG-2)
Ice Age: The Meltdown (MPEG-2@18mbps)
Into the Blue (MPEG-2)
Invincible (MPEG-2)
Kingdom of Heaven (MPEG-2@24mbps)
Ladder 49 (AVC)
The Last Samurai (VC-1)
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (AVC@16mbs)
The Marine (MPEG-2@21mbps)
Million Dollar Baby (VC-1)
Mission Impossible 3 (MPEG-2)
NIN Live: Beside You in Time (VC-1)
Phonebooth (MPEG-2@26mbps)
The Prestige (AVC)
The Punisher (MPEG-2)
Reign of Fire (AVC)
Resident Evil: Apocalypse (MPEG-2)
Rising Sun (AVC@18mbps)
Scooby-Doo (VC-1)
The Sentinel (MPEG-2@18mbps)
Silent Hill (MPEG-2)
Sky High (MPEG-2)
Space Cowboys (MPEG-2)
Species (MPEG-2)
Stargate (MPEG-2)
Stealth (MPEG-2)
Stir of Echoes (MPEG-2)
Swordfish (VC-1)
Tears of the Sun (MPEG-2)
Terminator 2: Judgement Day (MPEG-2)
Tomb Raider (MPEG-2)
Ultraviolet (MPEG-2)
Underworld: Evolution (MPEG-2)
Unforgiven (VC-1)
Vertical Limit (MPEG-2)
We Were Soldiers (MPEG-2)
The Wicker Man (VC-1)
xXx (MPEG-2)
X3: The Last Stand (AVC@18mbps)
Young Guns (AVC)

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