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Default Re: Updating Uniforms with 9746

I'm attaching two files. The TAR file contains the sample case. Look at the README on how to compile and run the program. You must use OSG 1.2 for this example.

Also, previously, I was having problems with Uniforms in OSG and a post 1.2 patch was provided by the OSG people. This was a modification to GLObjectsVisitor.cpp located in OpenSceneGraph/src/osgUtil. I've attached this updated version of GLObjectsVisitor.cpp to this message.

The problem I'm describing is visible with the stock 1.2 OSG as well as the version with this new version of the this file (it works better with the new file but still not good enough).

On my machines, I'm see occasional spikes in draw times (2-3 spikes around 20-35ms). These spikes are all within the first 5 seconds of the program running. Our actual code had much larger spikes, but I'm not sure what is the difference. I'll look into it.

Let me know what you find out.
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