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Default Re: Official - Post Your AMD Opteron Overclocks

Originally Posted by Gregor976
A 47c idle temperature using your CL-P0114 would make me suspect that I had a bad cpu. I'm still using crappy generic thermal compound with my xp-90 and I idle at 35-36..

What does cpuz say your core voltage is? What is the airflow like in your case? What is your system temp? Are you sure that you're idle? You might want to check the task manager... :\
CPU-z reports a core voltage of about 1.392v. In the BIOS I have it set to 1.3v It shouldn't be that high. As to airflow- it should be good. I have a 120mm for intake (87cfm), another 92mm fan for intake by the HDD cage, a second 120mm for exhaust (87cfm), and an 80mm on the side panel as exhaust. So the airflow should be pretty good. I know my rig isn't "exactly" idle- I've always got several programs up and running (Zonealarm, Steam, FRAPS, PC ProbeII, Ai Booster, etc). But cpu usage seldom goes above 10% per core. So that's why I'm saying "idle"- as they aren't really being stressed and are more "idle" than anything.

I've yet to flash to the latest BIOS. Anychance it could be reading the temps wrong?

And SLippe- thanks for the program- it just finnished DL'ing.
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