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Default Re: can't get dualhead separate screens to work

Ikshaar, I looked over your xorg.conf and found where my typos were. Now I have a working setup. I still have some questions:

- I've figured out how to start apps in the other display using the DISPLAY= prefix. The mouse carries over and operates apps fine, but I can't get consistent keyboard activity. I can't seem to return keyboard focus to any app on the second display once I've used the keyboard in an app on the first display.

- Is there a way to start a window or desktop manager in the other display? Right now it's just a blank display with the 'X' cursor, and no window decorations.

- Is there a way to dynamically start up this second display? I only need it when watching movies, and I don't want it chewing up resources the rest of the time (not to mention that the cursor will swing off the right side of the screen into nothingness when the plasma is off).

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