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Default Re: NIN Beside You in Time HD DVD - 5/5 stars on Audio/Video quality!

Originally Posted by Mr. Hunt
Just read that on the Blu-ray (not sure about HD-DVD) version you can switch cameras on a few songs... that feature was always so overlooked on DVD.
Yeah...on the three songs in the middle of the set, Eraser, Right Where It Belongs and Beside You In Time you can either watch with multiple cameras capturing the projections on the big screen that comes down over the stage in front of the band, interspersed with shots of the band playing...or you can watch from a camera that is stationary, back by the soundboard, right above the projector.

The HD DVD has it, too, but they sucked it up and you can't switch views on the fly like you can on the DVD and BD.

I saw those damned projections 6 times so I'm definitely cool with the shots of the band since we couldn't see them playing from the crowd.

Here's a shot from Eraser, I believe.
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