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Unhappy Crash when logout from X


My Gentoo box often, but not always, crash when I logout from Xfree (ugly green and purple scrambled screen and no more keyboard response). It happens with and without using gdm (or xdm).

Here is my hardware config:
- GeForce2MX
- Asus A7Pro (via KT133)
- Amd Duron 700

And software is:
- Gentoo linux 1.2
- kernel 2.4.19 (with agpart, vesa fb, but no nvidia/riva fb)
- xfree 4.2.0
- NVdriver 2960

I know there are some well known troubles with amd/via harware, but I can't solve the problem with the usual tricks (mem=nopentium, disabling agp support, removing agp fast-write...)

What is strange is that it works like a charm under slackware 8.0 with Xfree 4.1, and without any trick.

Any idea? Thanks,
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