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Default Re: NIN Beside You in Time HD DVD - 5/5 stars on Audio/Video quality!

Originally Posted by OWA
Heh, the release info says it 1080p also and hidefdigest said the two were the same (both 1080p and heh, gave the same scores) but it's definitely 1080i for me on the PS3. Someone should probably let the guy at hidefdigest know about this. I think he even viewed it on a PS3. I wouldn't have known it's 1080i if y'all hadn't mentioned it thus causing me to check. You'd think a reviewer should check on things like that though or I guess he could have something else inline that is outputting 1080p kind of hiding the fact that's 1080i.

That brings up a question. How can you tell how it's encoded if you have something that scales everything to whatever desired resolution? On the PS3, since it doesn't scale, I just bring up the resolution on the HD monitor to see what it is. If something is scaling though, how do you go about finding what the true resolution is if it's not listed on the box?
What did you think of it though?
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