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Default Beryl slow video, screen saver, unreal touranament problem

I am using the 9746 nvidia drivers, kubuntu with a 2.6.20-5 kernel and the latest
beryl 2.0 SVN and am having the following problems...

If I select XVMC in mythtv for my prefered playback I get a black screen with occassional garbage video displayed. If I choose the standard decoder option video looks good but it is on the slow side, especially during camera pans it is stitchy. Selecting either XVMC or standard with the normal KDE window manager being selected instead of beryl video plays smoothly.

OpenGL screensavers do not work and just give a black screen when selecting
NVIDIA for rendering beryl. If I choose AIGLX the screensavers work fine. Is there any advantage to choosing nvidia?

Unreal tournament 2004 is choppy and stitchy when using beryl, very smooth using the standard KDE window manager.

Other than those issue everything else responds quickly and works very well.
Thanks for any help.
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