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Default Re: NIN Beside You in Time HD DVD - 5/5 stars on Audio/Video quality!

Originally Posted by OWA
I only got a chance to watch the first one so far (I didn't go for the "play all" yet). I thought it was great though and I can see why you like to see them live.

Edit: Tonight, I'll watch the whole thing starting at the beginning again. Watching it piece-meal would lose all the atmosphere.

The visuals are absolutely amazing...I think With Teeth may have the best all-around from the Winter 2006 tour.

Help Me I Am In Hell and Non-Entity and even Only >>>> better than the entire Winter tour. That light fence on the summer tour and the seven 30' LCDs in back are just amazing.

I hope you have a decent 5.1 setup that you are blasting this through. It's just not the same through stereo TV speakers.
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