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Default Re: Which Distro Are You?

Originally Posted by evilghost
...and a 700+ MB portage directory and excessive compile times.
All in good humor
Ahah cmon!
mine is only... D'oh! 1.8GB!
Luckily my executables and libraries are smaller than the others cause they lack functions i don't need
Originally Posted by wnd
I'm trying hard not to start a distowar or a flaming thread but I can't just hold all of it inside.
What's all of it? Take it easy, i didn't say your distribution sucks, do i?
It's nothing personal,
I'll hope!
but somehow Gentoo users always remind me of Windows-fanatics. They use every single available knob and lever to tune performance of their box. At the end they spend significant time
And that reminds you of windows users (say... click click and relax?)
i'm a bit confused...
to gain insignificant advantage over stock configuration.
Well, i would'nt call it insignificant, but if you're happy with your distribution and we don't want to start a flame right here, then i'll call insignificant too
I would understand running Gentoo on a box with very little mass storage space (assuming everything would be compiled outside the box), but with modern hardware this is hardly necessary. IIRC 170 MiB harddrive used to be more than enough for Debian potato.
Good Debian to you
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