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Default Re: Xorg, 2 devices and screens, xvideo perormance on Screen 1

Overlay is the fastest method available,so it is preferred by any video player.
It's a driver limitation (and not an XV one, infact ati works well) to report it only available on the first screen.
When you set your tv-out as screen 0, your player will use overlay and it just plays fine, otherwise it will use the next available adaptor which didn't works so well.
Probably it uses: "NV17 Video Texture", but you have also "NV05 Video Blitter".
if you give:
xvinfo|more, you'll see that any of the adapters has a port that you can set in mplayer to tell him which adapter to use for fast HW-Scaling.

X-Video Extension version 2.2
screen #1
Adaptor #0: "NV17 Video Texture"
number of ports: 32
port base: 355
Adaptor #1: "NV05 Video Blitter"
number of ports: 32
port base: 387
operations supported: PutImage
That means i have:
"NV12 Video Texture": ports from 355 to 386
"NV05 Video Blitter": ports from 387 to 418

I will use then:
mplayer <my-nice-video> -vo xv:port=355
mplayer <my-nice-video> -vo xv:port=387

to try if the video will play better with texture or blitter adaptor.

If you had no luck, but if your 3d works fine, you can still use opengl output (as i said, at cost of a bit more cpu cycles).

mplayer <my-nice-video> -vo=gl:yuv=6
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