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Default Re: Which Distro Are You?

Originally Posted by grey_1
Debian all the way for me though, this n00b likes user friendly.
You must be the first self-proclaimed n00b to call Debian user friendly. :-) I have always loved apt/dpkg and the installer of Debian for their user friendliness and clarity. I never understood why people say Debian is difficult.

When I was new to Linux I used to "tweak" the system to get familiar with it. I would compile my own kernel just for the fun of it -- and to save some precious 300 KiB in kernel size. I would run "apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade" once a day even for my home server to stay up-to-date. I would tweak NFS-configuration and run benchmarks to get the best performance out of it. I would run benchmarks for file systems. The list goes on. Nowadays I use stock kernel (I often need to manually fix nvidia-driver package though) even for my workstation, update&upgrade my server only when DSA suggests to do so, and do hardly any "tweaking" except for reading and re-reading system service configuration manuals for some additional security. I haven't lost my passion -- I just channel it differently.
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