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Default Re: Vanguard... what an improvement

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
It's called Risk vs Reward. What EQ did so well was make tougher things well worth it, if you were afraid of dying and losing your xp/corpse then don't go deep into a dungeon or fight some uber boss. The game offered challanges for everyone, the little babies who can only play 5 hours a week ruined it when they started bitching because people who would commit time and risk their hard work for the advacement of their characters actually were rewarded.
I understand that. I guess my humor is not as refined as Penny Arcade's
EQ just isn't my style of game. I don't like to spend a month working for a subpart quest reward. As you know most got their gear from grinding and not the quests.

I dislike WoW because theres real risk vs reward... death is meaningless in the game as is commitment to set a better goal and reach it. Everyone can do everything no matter how much effort they put into it... it should be like life, if you don't put the effort to get something then you don't get it.
I can understand this but i disagree that it should be like life. It is a video game. I do it to relax and as a hobby. I mainly play MMOs for the social interaction with my online friends. I am willing to bet if they all switched to EQII I would also. I am fairly easy to please. But yeah it just comes down to taste. I like the game play of WoW. I like the fact that you can put in a good amount of work but it isn't mindboggling grinding bordom. It moves along and the goals are not so far above you that you just give up or you kill kittens.

Tyger talked me into buying Vanguard. I'll pick it up this evening. I'll give it another try.
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