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Default Re: Running memory out of sync with CPU...

Originally Posted by RAY16
My question is, how much of a performance impact does running out of sync really have on nForce 2 chipsets? Would it be worth it to risk having my memory explode on me by trying to push it higher?
On my Intel-based nForce board, anything other than 1:1 is a nono. I know with AMD it is different - I am guessing this is the same for ALL nForce chipsets though; I would suggest running tests on your system with the ram in sync (Super Pi) and then test it at the same clock speed but out of sync. See for yourself, as I am unfamiliar with your exact chip. (heh sorry..)

It would most definitely not be worth risking your memory - if you think about it, youre really only sacrificing a couple FPS in games maybe?
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