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Default dvi lcd connection causes full-screen problems

Hi all- I would just like to report that I have also experienced the "jaggies" problem when using DVI with a Hitachi LCD display in full screen mode while at the 1280x1024 resolution at 75Hz.

I recently built two identical computers, and both experienced this problem. Interestingly, I have also noticed the problem using XFree86's nv driver (this was before installing Nvidia's drivers).

So, here are the details of my system:

ECS L7S7A2 main board, Kingston HyperX 2700 DDR ram, Athlon XP 2800+ CPU

Aopen Geforce 4 440 MX 8x video card with DVI
and XFree86 4.3 nv plus 1.0-4363 nvidia drivers

Hitachi 17" 1280x1024 screen CML175B, running at 75Hz

RedHat 9.0

I don't have access to the machines at the moment to try adjusting the video fresh rate to 60Hz, but I will try that as soon as possible and post the results.

I hope this helps.
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