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Default Re: Which Distro Are You?

Originally Posted by wnd
Ideas for what exactly?-)

If you/they absolutely need IE6/IE7, try IEs4Linux.
Stupid colleges across the nation require that you have IE6 only to access certain sites and to turn in certain types of projects. It's gay, I know, but remember that M$ is "t3h sT@nd@rD!!!111"

My girlfriend needs IE6 because she doesn't go on campus very often and needs a solution at home. Someone on the Ubuntu forums made a package of a natively running IE6, but it doesn't work with any Java of Flash plugins.

Why iTunes? DRMed music? You lose by definition. If it's only about playing music, try Amarok (or Rhythmbox if you avoid KDE). So far Amarok has been the only music player with GUI I've actually liked.

Generally speaking Wine may help you out.
Why iTunes? Both my girlfriend and I have iPods and downloaded music from iTunes Store. Those songs don't work with Amarok or Rhythmbox. I'm going to try and do some more research on getting iTunes to work with Wine later this week/weekend.

If I can get these two "problems" fixed, my girlfriend will be running Ubuntu in a heartbeat!!
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