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Default Question about O/Cing

I am pretty sure I got the RAM to do it. I only got 1GB because I am a person who likes his stuff upfront. I do order from newegg, but it was to the point I couldn't wait. So I had to settle with 1GB of RAM from my local pc store.

I ended up getting 1GB OCZ Plat Revision 2 or 3 (forgot which one), I have a E6600 2.4GHz on the eVGA 680i. I looked at O/Cing. Right now everything is at stock.

I would prefer to use the bios but I am not sure how to begin. I hear people getting 3.0GHz at stock voltages. I am using the stock HSF, and my temps idle right around 40c.

I am a beginner here especially with this new board. I know theres a way to divide the RAM to match the FSB. When I went to mess with it through the nvidia control panel and at 3.0GHz it was going to put my RAM right 1000MHz.

The timings on the RAM are 4-4-4-15, voltage @ 1.9. Processor at this moment are at stock speeds.

I also have one more question it related to an issue I am having.

I got BF2 installed and I think it is probably the 1GB of RAM doing it, but everything seems to lag, and take longer. I load pretty fast, but verifying takes ages. It use to be seemingly fast. I assume this has everything to do with my RAM, and the amount of page file its using.

My FSB: DRAM is 2:3 on CPU-Z.
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