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Default Re: When a projector is connected to a computer is it still NTSC?

Originally Posted by Pixelsmack
Good info but it still leaves the question. Can the project be made to do 24fps for display? I would assume it would only be possible when connected to the computer.

Because it says it does 480p, so that means 29.97 (NTSC) and it does a 2:3 pull up. At least when connected to a conventional NTSC DVD player.
The projector can handle a 24fps cadence. It all depends on your source. It doesn't have to be a computer. It could be a DVD player.

But connected to a computer....does the projector display my 1280x768 at 29.97 NTSC using it's processing to make a progressive signal no matter the frame rate coming from the computer? Or when the computer output dips to 14fps because of some intense game, does the projector actual display it 1:1? Or is is remapping that framerate to a compatible NTSC progressive mode. Like 29.97.

Hence my boggled-ness, heh.
When you're running a computer resolution it's not an NTSC mode so your projector doesn't run it as such. It'll run 60Hz at that res.
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