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Default Re: Question about O/Cing

Originally Posted by Xion X2
1GB of RAM is really stretching it for online games like BF2. The lag you're seeing is probably due to the RAM.

Why do you have a different model/amount of RAM in your signature?

Anyway, as for OC'ng, you didn't list your memory speed, so it's hard to say what kind of divider you should be using. I know that my 680i was never stable unless I ran it at half my FSB speed. I ran a 3600mhz overclock w/ 1600 on the FSB and 800mhz on the RAM and it was stable until my board crapped out on me this week.
It is DDR2800 RAM.

As I said I am new to this. I got the timings running at 4-4-4-15, voltage right at 1.9. I had to set this myself, the RAM itself is suppose to run at it. I plan to eventually grab another GB, they didn't have but one stick of this kind at the local store, and I was in a hurry, and with all the foul reviews on newegg about sticks of RAM being DOA I figured i'd buy one where I could take it back if it didn't work.

It is stock HSF, when I was just in a game of BF2. It ran around 48c when I came out of game. I am using arctic silver 5 rather then the default paste though. My old Athlon 64 idled at 27c, but i've heard 40c is pretty good especially with stock HSF on these intels.

I wouldn't even begin to know how to downclock it. If it was an AMD board yes. This new stuff is completely different looking.

To answer your question about the sig. I had intended to go for that, and never got it. Everything else is exactly correct though.
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