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Default RH9 with Geforce 2, X issue

Machine is Intel 815, 256 Ram, GeForce 2 64Mb, Red Hat 9

Ran the installer (, everything installed fine and then I made the required changes to XF86Config as specified in the Nvidia README.

Machine will not start X when the driver is set to "nvidia" it will only work when it is "nv".

Have added the Option "NvAGP" "0" with "nvidia" to see if AGP is the issue, but it does not work. So it looks like the Nvidia driver is the issue not the AGP.

I have read on another site that Intel 815 with the Nvidia GeForce 2 on Linux might be a known issue but it didn't provide further detail. Did not see anything on this site to confirm that.

I am getting an error in XFree.86.0.log dealing with Failed to add GLX extension (Nvidia XFree86 driver not found). See attached file for full message
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