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Default Re: Updating Uniforms with 9746

I have two systems I'm using here:
1) Dual 6800 SLI capable with 9746 driver and single processor dual core.
2) Quadro FX4400 with 9640 (NVPerfKit driver) driver and dual processor, dual core.

Some observations
1. On system 1, I consistently see the problem with and without SLI enabled. I see three draw times around 28ms.
2. On system 2, I consistently see the same problem with 3 long draw times around 23ms.
3. I occasionaly see "Bad Swap" messages on system 2 in my log file but it doesn't happen every time I run the program. When I do see them, they seem to correspond to when I run the program, but not everytime I run it do I see this message.
4) About the "os_map_kernel_space" messages, I could not get them to be produced on system 1.

Some questions:
1) Should I be worried about the "Bad Swap" and "os_map_kernel_space" messages even though they don't seem to be related to my problem? Your README file says to update the driver if we see the Bad Swap messages (We will be upgrading to 9746 shortly).
2) When you run the program, are you sure you have your LD_LIBRARY_PATH set correctly to refer to the OSG libraries you compiled. This isn't an issue if you have no other copied of OSG installed on your system.
3) What type of system are you running on?
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