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Default binutils??

I leave X and log in as root..... my file (Geforce4 linux driver) is also stored in the root area now I type in sh

it goes then I get

Unable to to find the system 'ld`;
please make sure you have the package-binutils installed.

If you do have binutils installed,
then please check that 'ld` is in your path

Now I am using redhat 7.3 distro so do I have to download binutils or do I already have it and need to "put it in my path"

in either case I am going to need to know what to do

if I need it where can I download it and find instructions to install it

and if I already have it and dont know it tell me how to correct this problem...
please I am stuck in 640x480 and I cant use most of linuxes programs this way...
-thank you
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