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Default OpenGL 2 Drivers?

Hey Andy, or anybody else from Nvidia who is reading this.

I'm part of the blender community which is currently in the middle of a re-design for blender the popular 3d app which has recently been open-sourced.

We are moving in the direction of OpenGL 2 for the realtime rendering subsystem and are sure that two rivals, both ATI and 3Dlabs will have linux drivers which support OpenGL 2 upon ratification (they're sending out beta drivers to developers who request them), however we've heard nothing of the sort from Nvidia, and we're beginning to wonder if Nvidia is going to keep going with Cg or if they're going to support OpenGL 2which includes linux drivers.

Personally I love my Geforce 3 ti500 it works like a dream and I know it has capabilities that will be central to blender's rendering in the months to come.

I'm sure the geforce FX line is even more impressive. the question is if OpenGL 2 drivers will be released just as all the 1.x drivers have been on the web site.

It seems obvious to me that they will but one has to ask...

The software may be free but the hardware isn't, so its my guess that the best hardware with the best OpenGL 2 support will be the dominant brand.


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