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Default Re: Vanguard... what an improvement

Originally Posted by NrthnStar5
That says it all in a nutshell
Your still upset? LOL! You call me a loser for making a joke post and I am the one that is immature? My post wasn't aimed at you. Maybe you should examine your own insecurities. Well you are still a n00b here, maybe you will get it one day but until then.

Let it go... let it go....

Any way I created a necro and am still in the n00b area. With the VERY limited time I played it last night, it feels and plays exactly the same. I see no difference. The movements of the players is robotic. It does not feel natural at all. I don't know why this bugs me but it does.

The performance on my machine is still jittery. I will have mobs just pop up on me. My machine is two years old but it was a high end machine at that time. So yes I should have lower performance but it still is very bad. The engine still needs work.

I will give the game a go for this month but I gotta tell ya. The idea of running back to your corps naked after you die is stupid. I hate it when developers feel the need to punish people severly for dying. To me this is EQ with a new graphics engine.
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