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Default Re: Question about O/Cing

Thanks but im still looking for advice on OCing. I knew about BF2 being a ram hog. I used to have an Athlon 64 that had 2GB of DDR Corsair ram, and it ran fine. Just didn't think it effect loading that much.

I just ran Aquamark3 yes I know its old, but I got 129k opposed to the Athlon 64 getting 90k with the 8800GTS. Thats a huge leap, even at stock.

I was also kind of wondering for the stock HSF is the temps I am averaging normal (42c-50c load) with AS5.

I'd like to O/C at least to 3.2GHz. I have OCZ Plat Revision 2 or 3 DDR2 800, eVGA 680i motherboard. My FSB: DRAM is 2:3. The timings and voltage of the RAM are: 4-4-4-15, at 1.9 Voltage. I had to set them manually to make them work with what OCZ promises.
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