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Default No network or sound on Ubuntu Edgy Eft Nforce 6100 /Nforce 430 nvidia

Hello folks
I'm new to Ubuntu linux OS for this new box. AMD 5000 AM2.

I don't have Ethernet or sound for my Gigabyte S series GA-M61PM-S2 motherboard. This board has the new chip combo of northbrige and southbridge (NVIDIA GeForce 6150 SE GPU and NVIDIA nForce 430 MCP) integrated graphics Ethernet sata and raid. (Vista wouldn't load Ethernet either with out a new driver from Nvidia) This makes me think that the nvidia chipset is too new to have a Linux driver. Running x86 install.

1. So I have a real nubie question. Which driver from the nvidia site is going to make ethernet work with Ubuntu Edgy Elf? Do I want....
A.) Linux IA32
B.) FreeBSD x86
C.) none of the above.

Thanks in advance.
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