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Default Re: Vanguard... what an improvement

Originally Posted by Tygerwoody
you do have an XP penalty. To my knowledge every MMORPG on the face of this earth besides WOW has an experience penalty of some kind. Like i said, its not major. I have no idea where Xionn is finding that the experience loss is that great because it really isnt.... I died a good 4 times just last night.
Uhh, it is, Tyger. At least it is for me. I've been playing the game for 100+ hours and have died about a hundred times and have a pretty good idea by now.

Maybe it's different for different races? Although I don't see why that would be an issue.

But I do lose over 6,000 xp points when I die and don't recover my corpse, and fighting a few enemies certainly doesn't make up for it. I've pretty much resigned myself to ALWAYS recover my corpse if at all possible, otherwise I would never level up because it takes so much xp away.

I fought about 20 wyverns that were 3 lvls above me on my last level and gained about as much as I would from a good quest. It takes me quite a while. I don't know what we're doing differently.

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