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Default Re: Vanguard... what an improvement

Originally Posted by Tygerwoody
Dieing shouldn't be a pleasant experience. It should be a bad one. I think the experience hit should be even more than it is in vanguard, but then again I'm an "elitest" . I definitely don't want anything like EQ death again, because when I use to die on that, I would turn into that little german kid smashing his keyboard screaming weird phrases. On Vanguard if I die, i just laugh.
Why should it have xp loss? I dont' get that. Just damage your equipment and run back to your body as a ghost. This is why WoW is so appealing. They know that it is still a game. I'm not really hung up on the xp hit you take when dying but it just seems like a stupid idea. At least you don't have to recharge your weapon enchantments like in Oblivion....or do.... you....?

Death penalties are just plain stupid. I'm gonna go and get a law passed on this. Crap I just went liberal there.
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