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Default Re: Vanguard... what an improvement

Your still upset? LOL! You call me a loser for making a joke post and I am the one that is immature? My post wasn't aimed at you. Maybe you should examine your own insecurities. Well you are still a n00b here, maybe you will get it one day but until then.

Let it go... let it go....
I can assure you I am not upset. There is nothing for me to be upset about, I guess our sense of humor is just different as I didn't find myself laughing or smiling at your post, but to each his own.

And no, i'm not a n00b here, i've browse these forums regularly and have been for years, I simply do not post much.

Back to topic, I just got myself an E6600 Core 2 Duo OC'd to 2.80ghz and an 8800GTS XXX Edition video card and it has improved my performance significantly. The difference is amazing. I personally find vanguard to be gorgeous especially if you can enjoy it on higher quality settings.

This game gives you a sense of every level matters. In WoW or EQ2 i felt more like I wanted to level up as soon as possible, but in Vanguard It doesn't feel that way. I want to level up but when i do i feel like it's more accomplishment.

In all respects, Vanguard isn't perfect, but the potential is there and I look forward to it's future.
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