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Unhappy Computer fails to start

I have installed latest nvidia drivers using Latest Nvidia Edgy - Ubuntu Document Storage Facility guide, 2nd method (also tried 1st method). Instalation process went smoothly and gnome desktop manager started without any errors (saw the nvidia splash screen and, after logging in, the nvidia settings seemed to be working fine), but after I restarted my pc and everything seemed to have loaded (the nice graphical Ubuntu usplash progress bar showed that everything has loaded) the screen just flashed several times, showed blue screen with red dots and my monitor turned off. The keyboard seemed to not work also, so the only thing I could do is press the RESTART button. After changing back to nv driver, everything seemed to be ok.

Here are my specs:
Graphics card: GeForce 6600 GT
LCD Monitor: Philips 190X7FB
OS: Ubuntu 6.10
Kernel: (also tried 2.6.17-11 and 2.6.17-10, but that didn't help)
Driver: 1.0-9746 (also tried 8776 and 8774 but that also didn't help)

I have attached an archive with Xorg.0.log (verbose 6), xorg.conf & menu.lst (grub) files.

Please help me fix that. I have already tried solving this for several days, searched many forums, tried many solutions, but none seem to work.. I really like Ubuntu and it seems that's the only thing keeping me from making it my main OS.

Any help is HIGHLY appreciated.
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