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Exclamation Kubuntu + Nvidia 1.0-9746 driver : DGA issue

Hi here we go, that is the matter

I have a beutifull and kidding 3D desktop with Beryl and the amazing last Nvidia 1.0-9746. driver version.

but this is the drama Nvidia decided to remove the DGA (Direct Acces Graphic) module into the last driver > at 96xx versions.

so here is the dilema on a first side a beautifull 3D desktop looking like to Vista one or stop to use some programs using the DGA in order to use Overlay display

so either I use the none property "nv" driver with and I keep my Overlay and DGA active but stop to the 3D under linux arf

It is possible to use the Grabdisplay but it obliges us to go through many layer and with less and less performance

hard is the life

so in the new driver where I can find the new feature being able to replace the DGA access and keep the same way to provide overlay ?

I need some advise to look for that king of information ?

is any replacent for DGA in the driver ?

let me know your opinions
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