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Default 97.46 fc6 x86_64 DPMS, XVideo, etc. issues

Hi, I've been doing some work on a new Fedora Core 6 system, and am having some issues with the nvidia / Xorg combination.

The first issue is fairly straightforward. Using a stock FC6 x86_64 system, updated to current yum update, I can't use DPMS. This is filed under

In the xorg.conf, I have dpms turned on in the Monitor sections:
Option "DPMS"
I also tried Option "dpms" in case case sensitivity changed, but neither made a difference, and both
used to work on earlier Fedora Core 5 and previous installs.

In the Xorg.0.log file, I see that the option is read and acted on by the driver by lines such as:
(**) Option "dpms"
(**) NVIDIA(0): DPMS enabled

There is also a couple lines like the above for the other head of the display, NVIDIA(1)

If I run xset q, the dpms section says:
DPMS (Energy Star):
Server does not have the DPMS Extension

# xset +dpms
server does not have extension for +dpms option

and so on for any of the other dpms commands.


Since I apparantly was not content to simply have one thing not work, I went ahead and forged on with some other things I was interested in. When I next looked, I was also missing the XVideo extension (and apparently some other modules I don't yet care about). If I run X with no xorg.conf file and let it autodetect everything, it sets itself up pretty well with the open source nv driver, and supports XVideo and dpms properly.

Since I didn't notice the lack of XVideo initially, and have updated kernels and modified the nvidia driver package since then, I am not sure whether or not the XVideo extension was working or not with the stock fc6 system and unmodified nvidia installer I used above. Given that please treat the rest of this as potentially a different issue than the more straightforward dpms issue above, and even if we get bogged down on this part, maybe we can get the dpms thing worked out.

Now, for details on recent changes that could be relevant:

I updated to the latest real time patched kernel from ( more specifically, )

I then discovered he'd compiled with gcc4.0 instead of the default 4.1.1 of fc6, and I therefore couldn't compile the nvidia driver glue code. So, I went ahead and got the src packages, set them up, and rebuilt the kernel and kernel-devel rpms, and installed them. I did make a few changes to the config - one thing I wonder about now is the fact that I cleared the "Create deprecated SYSFS files". It occurs to me that the nvidia driver might use those? I saw something about that when I searched the forum, but it was looking like in that case it was causing crashes on X init, which I got through just fine.

In any event, after rebooting into the newly compiled kernel, the nvidia-installer got through the gcc check, but then had issues with some changed symbols thanks to the rt patches I suppose. I replaced "SA_INTERRUPT | SA_SHIRQ" with "IRQF_DISABLED | IRQF_SHARED" in the relevant places in nv.c as suggested in and was then able to build successfully and complete nvidia-installer's run. I did not have to do any of the other patches referred to in that thread (I am not running Xen), and X starts up with no crashes.

I can use xterm, random X programs, etc., but I don't have XVideo (or dpms) capability. If I run nvidia-settings, I get two lines of "Xlib: extension "XVideo" missing on display ":0.0"." printed to the console before the program continues. Presumably because of that, I have a bunch of missing settings (like XVideoTextureSyncToVBlank, etc.)

So... any ideas? I'm attaching the results of Before we get too deep into the preempt/rt potential issues, hopefully we can at least get the stock kernel DPMS issue resolved.

Thanks for any help.
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