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Unhappy Problems to get 4 Monitors working - XFX Geforce FX 5200

Hello all,

I've got a little problem here and maybe there is someone, who has an idea. Hopefully it is no driver problem.

Scenario: I have a computer with two nvidia cards (XFX Geforce FX 5200) inside. Each card uses TwinView, so 2 monitors are connected to each card. I want to get the X Server running using all 4 screens.

Problem: The first card works fine. Both monitors get a signal. BUT: The monitor connected to the second card to the second port only shows a black screen. It gets a signal, but it stays black. Even with a third card inside the computer... Same happens to the third card. First port works fine, second shows black screen. The weird thing is that there is absolutely no error in the logs. Even the X Server thinks it is working fine. It even shows me the monitor vendor name and model type in the X server log file. And also very strange is that if I remove the first card out of the computer, the second card becomes the first one and works on both ports. If I replace the first with the seconds, the result is the same... So all cards work fine...

Driver Info: It does not matter what driver. I tested several, same effect.

Additional Info: I have a lot of computers working with other cards. Only this cards has this problem. Maybe some kernel parameter help? I tested it in other computers, different main board, different hardware... same result. No errors shown in the log files...

I hope that someone can help me.

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