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Default Re: Vanguard Questions

Although I am thoroughly enjoying the game I"ll
mention a few things in regards to your questions, especially "a"
There are guilds in VSOH but the guild system is "bare bones" at best. There is very little feedback, no guildbank and no writs or the like. The guild system needs alot of work.
Of course the grouping options, banking etc are all a work in progress.
And the new "Fellowship" which the devs have bragged about hasn't been implimented yet.
The housing is totally different, you have to buy a plot and build, or have it built.
And the cost is prohibative right now, think back to EQ2 start when having 1G was an achievement! Well it takes many gold to buy and build.
Totally different game here, I prefer it to the familiar boredom of EQ2 but I do miss some of the "conveniences".
For instance, say you have a couple alts, one makes a certain item that another can use, there is no shared bank, in fact the banks and brokers separate entities on all 3 continents-anyway, you have to mail the item to you alt, and the cost is 15 and up copper!
That's just some of it, I do enjoy the game and plan to stick to it but IMO folks shld know what they are getting.
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