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Default Re: Question about O/Cing

Thanks I will play around with it. I got a BSOD while listening to music. Sound skipped and my system restarted. It worked fine before I attempted to O/C.

So on the timings I should probably go up. I've heard people had problems O/Cing with lower timings such as 4-4-4-15, and had to go up to 5-5-5-15, and from what I've read they really do not impact performance that much.

When you say set the RAM to half, you mean actually lower it from 800MHz to perhaps a lower speed? Remember your talking to someone who pretty much only owned an Athlon 64 motherboard, and O/Cing was as a bit easier.

The reason I say I set the DRAM :FSB to 3:2 was because if I tried to O/C it was putting my RAM at 1000-1200MHz and I am sure this RAM is not capable of that, and the rest of the settings like 1:2 were just making it higher. I'll give it a try, but I want to make sure no more BSOD's happen first.

Really appreciate the help though. My old forums AMD Support forums treated me like an outcast when I asked for help, or even upgraded and I think a few members who were running benchmark threads over there got banned for doing it with Intel. Kind of lame if you ask me. I am no fan boy of anything except nvidia. I go for whats fastest for the games I play, and I needed to make the dual core lift and this was the one.
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