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Default Re: 97.46 fc6 x86_64 DPMS, XVideo, etc. issues

As requested, here are the results of:
[root@dev3 nvlog]# glxinfo > glxinfo.log 2>&1
[root@dev3 nvlog]# xdpyinfo > xdpyinfo.log 2>&1
[root@dev3 nvlog]# xvinfo > xvinfo.log 2>&1
[root@dev3 nvlog]# xset q > xset.log 2>&1

These are with the nv driver. Note I did not uninstall the nvidia driver, so the default xorg config file tried loading up glx and had issues due to the bad combo of nv vs. nvidia, but ignore that please. My issue isn't with GLX, and you can tell from the attachments at the xorg bug listing I filed that GLX works ok once the nvidia driver is uninstalled. The important part to note from these logs are that DPMS and XVideo both are loading and working properly.
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