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Default Re: 97.46 fc6 x86_64 DPMS, XVideo, etc. issues

as of the last post, it was a completely stock system. What I had changed (inittab, kernel) had been rolled back. The xorg.conf was set up to support dual head, but was using the same xorg.conf I've used in the fc5 systems (can't exactly roll back that file, since the "stock" one isn't a multihead config).

I'll start over on a fresh hard drive and note what packages I select for install.

As I'm doing this, if you don't mind, reassure me... you have in fact seen a dual head (not twinview) nvidia driver based system running a completely up to date FC6 *64 bit* install running? For bonus points, was it a Core2 based system on an Asus P5B Deluxe board with a dual-dvi 7300GT card?

Note, it *looks* like it runs fine, in terms of just starting up typical X programs, but you have actually seen DPMS and XVideo running on an install like that?

I'm going to try it from scratch anyway, but I'd appreciate the knowledge that this is in fact a config someone has seen fully working before. I went a week thinking everything was working before I noticed the DPMS and XVideo issue.

This machine by the way ran fine on another FC5 install (seperate hard drive, all the FC6 stuff has been from a clean install) so I don't think there's any hardware issues.
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