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i'm not brilliant with linux (more of a windows based person), but what version of linux will the file fglrx-src-patched.gz work with and what do I do to get it working.

I have copies of RedHat 7.3 & 8.0, Mandrake 9.0 & 9.1, Suse8.1

My system is

Epox 8RDA+ NForce2
1 GB DDR 333 (PC2700)
Athlon XP 2500+ Barton
SB Audigy
Radeon 9500 Pro
1 x 60gb ATA 100 Maxtor (Windows XP)
1 x 40gb ATA 100 Maxtor (Spare but want to use with Linux)
1 x Pioneer DVD 106S
1 x LiteOn CDRW
1 x 640U Scanner
1 x 256mb KeyDrive

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