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Default startx locks machine up - GeForce2 and 9631

I had an "old" AMD K6 based router/server. This had a "generic" GeForce2 MX400 card. I used the 9631 drivers, and everything worked fine.

Someone gave me an old Dual Pentium machine, and I thought it would be fun to use that instead. So, I moved over the hard drive, running Slackware 11, and all of the cards, including the video.

I uninstalled the 9631 driver, changed the kernel/modules to the smp ones, rebooted, then recompiled the 9631 driver.

Now, when I try and run startx, I just get a blank screen, and the machine locks up solid. The reset button is the only way out. I've also tried booting with a non-smp kernel/modules, and it still locks up running startx.

The only differences between my old, working system, and this one, are the motherboard, and the smp enabled kernel/modules, as everything else was "transferred".

Is there any way to see what's causing this, as none of the logs show any problems, or at least in what's there after a reboot.

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