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Default cannot see 7300 LE DVI output in Debian, ok in Fedora

Dear all,

I have two linux distributions installed side by side on my hard disk. I have Fedora and Sidux, a distribution derived from Debian unstable. When I boot in Fedora, everything is fine and I can see on my LCD the DVI output of the 7300LE card. If I boot in Sidux, X does not start and all I see is an underscore character on the top left part of the screen.


If I boot in Fedora and THEN in Sidux, everything works fine, and X starts fine. It's almost like Fedora initializes something in the card that is needed to have X start and Sidux doesn't. However, this initialization is remembered after a reboot. If I leave my machine off for some hours, however, I have to do the Fedora-Sidux switch again to have X start.

I can reproduce the bug this way. I boot in Fedora, X starts, then I boot in Sidux, X starts. I poweroff my machine, take electricity out and press the ON button (cleans the internal state of things like the network card, the graphic card, etc.). I boot Sidux, and X does not start and I see the underscore character. I boot Fedora and then Sidux and X starts.

Very bizarre, does anyone know what kind of magic is Fedora doing to make the card start ok?

Thank you in advance

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