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Default Poor performance 1.0-9746 / Quadro NVS 280 PCI / FC6-x86-2.6.19-1

Hello Everyone

A couple of days ago i installed a Quadro NVS 280 PCI on my FC-6 System running a stock 2.6.19-1.2911.6.4.fc6. The system is an Asus Pundit (P4S8L MB) with a 2400MHz Celeron Processor / 1280 MB RAM. The nvidia driver used is 1.0-9746.

2-D as well as 3-D performance is very poor. As an example, tvtime and kdetv it up all of the cpu time and yet don't run properly, xawtv needs 55%.

Glxgears reports 70fps on a 1600x1200 screen.

The SPECviewperf9.0 results:

3dsmax-04 Weighted Geometric Mean = 0.7973
catia-02 Weighted Geometric Mean = 0.9961
ensight-03 Weighted Geometric Mean = 0.3797
light-08 Weighted Geometric Mean = 0.4124
maya-02 Weighted Geometric Mean = 0.5673
proe-04 Weighted Geometric Mean = 0.3225
sw-01 Weighted Geometric Mean = 0.6099
ugnx-01 Weighted Geometric Mean = 0.1375
tcvis-01 Weighted Geometric Mean = 0.1482

In comparision to this, the lousy onboard sis graphics looks like a sprinter.

After searching for possible reasons for this bad performance and spending hours reading possibly related postings on the board, i would like to ask for help here.

Thanks for any help.

I'm attaching the results of
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