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Default start timeout

HELLO!? what ever happened to this thread? i assume people are still having problems because i sure am.

original setup:
p3 733
ecs d6vaa MB


then i upgraded to a visiontek gf3 ti200...and the problems started.
X took 30 seconds to start.

thought the problem might be fixed after i bought a new aopen kt400 mb.
nope, same problem. ive tried all the options in XF86Config people have mentioned with no results. ive also verified the delay with a geforce2 mx200 in the same MB although it was only a 5-10 sec delay. heres my current setup where the problem still persists.

Athlon XP 1800
Aopen AK77-8XN
Visiontek GF3 ti200
latest nvidia drivers (4363)
linux 2.4.20
xfree 4.3

I cant believe that a thread with so many posts from affected customers has not prompted even ONE response from nvidia staff - whats going on here!? this has been a problem for me for LONG TIME. Right now i am looking to purchase a new video card, and i will definatly be buying an ATI if nvidia doesnt start showing some concern for the many customers experiencing this problem.
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