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Default Re: Computer fails to start

Originally Posted by Hakimio
So nobody is willing to help me?
I think I've found what's causing the problem - it's garbled EDID (see -> ).
I didn't see any log file from you that shows this. The only
log you posted says that no EDID could be read.

However, I have some trouble using alaric's solution:
1) In order to be able to use 1.0.7676 nvidia drivers I need to compile 2.6.15 kernel, but the compilation process of (same with kernel ends with -> .
This is for debian - not sure if it's useful for Ubuntu:

I also can not install the legacy driver from the repositories, because nvidia driver installer screwed my system and drivers from repositories can no longer find wfb module.

2) The custom EDID made by alaric doesn't work for me, because my monitor is not "IIyama Vision Master Pro 17" and I don't have enough experience to make my own custom EDID.

Any advice?
Sure, post a bugreport logverbose 6 again with your best/latest attempt.
The only information available now is useless.

netllama can and will help you, but you need to continue to feed him with
complete and up-to-date details in the form of bugreports - and do exactly as he asks every time

PS It might be that you screwed up your system by installing and re-installing and retrying and then nvidia and then nv etc etc...
The nvidia installer and debian/ubuntu don't like eachother is my experience (see I never persued a complete solution for this (never wrote a howto on how to recover, or even how to test if this is the case),
because after I bought a new PC I had better things to do
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