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Default Re: Native screen resolution

Originally Posted by netllama
Answers from that link (wich I READ before I posted):
1: I dont have a stability problem
2: I have searched but none of those threads helped nor did my hours with google
3: I have tried to make as good detailed description of the problem to the best of my ability (english is not my native language)
3a: I have provided the xconf and i would think that would have been enough (or else they/you could ask as I stated in my previous post)
3b: I dont have an install problem
3c: I did that

I have NO idea how i could provide with more information thats why i said pls feel free to ask if i need to add anything else.

But on topic I resolved the problem. It turned out the cables messed things up. When we tried similar cables it found out our screens was actually 20 inch and not 19.

so...thanks for nothing i guess. As it seems in other posts you just post that link instead of trying to help. Im a bit dissapointed I have to say... I read the stickies so I could provide with as much info as I could but it was obviously not enough.
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