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Default Further Details on RH9 and GeForce2 Problems

Hmm... no one has been able to help yet so I've been mucking about trying different things.

I reinstalled RH9 from scratch again. Only this time I applied NO updates. The system is literally straight from the ISO CDs.

I changed my /etc/inittab to start the machine at init 3 so that I always come in text mode so I can start X on my own.

I downloaded and installed the latest IA32 driver from the NVidia website. All seemed to work ok.

I rebooted for good measure - even though I didn't have to.

I run startx and got the same unable to load NVIDIA kernel error. I would have further collected the info from my X log except that my machine then locked up solid - right there are the command prompt. I had to reboot to get control back.

Any ideas? Can someone shed some light? Thanks.

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