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Originally Posted by Cherock
Here is what I know from a Newbie point of view:
1. Linux boots to TEXT mode and i have very little experience with navigating on Text mode, let alone how to install these using YAST in TEXT mode. I had a Video failure and had to replace the card in order to have my computer back.
2 I need someone who can educate me as to what I need to do, this procedure doesn't apply to the problem I have right now. I don't have graphical available to me. I am at a loss on how to do all of the instructions.
Anybody game? I will give you my home phone number if you will email me and provide the best times for either you or me to call.
Frustrated to say the least..... Thanks, Clois
Even if SUSE doesn't recognize the card it should still boot to a graphical interface after install. SUSE 10.0 is also abit old by now. The latest should be 10.2, but called OpenSUSE now since they got bought by Novell.
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