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Default Overclocking advice!

Hi, ive had my conroe for afew weeks now and ive manages to get it to 2.99GHz.... if i go any higher than this my system fails to boot and i have to reset the bios and start again!..... in the bios i change the overclocking feature to manual and up the fsb untill i get to my current speeds.... i leave everything else on the auto setting because im not really sure what to change in the bios with my new board(see the sig).... with my old amd 939 board a asus a8n sli se i could change the cpu multiplyer, hypertransport technology & volts ect to get my desired overclock however this new intel 775 board all the bios setting are different... could anybody give me a few pointer in overclocking alittle more?... at the moment my cpu sits idle at 40c-43c... whats safe idle/load temps for a E6600?

BTW my system is air cooled.

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