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Default iZ3D monitor in linux?

I'm wondering if this 3d monitor will work in linux:
Here's the response I got on their forums:
Here's the response to my email:
Hi, Jonathan!

Thank you for your message.

It is important to now do you use DirectX or OpenGL to run
WoW with WINE. As we know most of Linux based corporate
applications use OpenGL, but this is not correct for game.

To run our iZ3D 3d display we use chain nVidia card + nVida
driver + nVidia stereo driver. If this chain is applied for
WINE you can run iZ3D on it.

If you have nVidia card ths simplest thing you can do is to
install nVidia stereo driver and run testing application on
it in anaglygh (blue/red) mode. We red / blue glass or
plastic you may check results if 3d is there - then iZ3D
will work too with high probability.

Please contact me at any time if you need any additional

Vadim Asadov
I'm wondering if these forums will know more.
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