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Originally Posted by mullet
Have you tried 500 x 8 1:1? or 475 x 8 1:1 @ 1.55 or 1.60 Vcore.

Edit: I just saw this.

RAM Size : 2048 MB
RAM Freq : 450 MHz
RAM Type : DDR2-SDRAM Dual Channel
RAM Ratio : 1:1
RAM Timings : 4-3-3-9 < pretty tight for 450 isn't it?
Yep, would not POST @ 500. I am trying 475 now, in case of any holes.
And yeah, my Dominators really dominate.

Originally Posted by Xion X2
46 idle doesn't sound too far off for 1.7V. That's about where mine was. You've gotta remember that you have those two heatmonger G80's in your loop, too. A lot of those guys you see over on xtremesystems don't have them in their loops.

No matter what kind of pump/rad you have, a CPU only loop will almost always outperform one that includes graphics/chipsets. This is a big reason why I'm planning on going with two separate loops on my next build. One for CPU, one for graphics.
The G80's surprisingly did not heat up my loop too terribly much. I would say 3 degrees each; given by my CPU temp before I added them to the loop. But yea, they definitely heat up with that extra Vcore.
Heh, you goin for the ol dual loop goodness? To me that just sounds like waay too much work. I would just go with a silent phase box on the CPU and water on everything else; that would be pinnacele performance.
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